People at Burning Man '96

I'm always astonished by the people I meet at BM, and the culture that's created for the week on the playa. Too bad we can't pull it off year-round, but human nature can't be held at bay indefinitely...

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BresticlesBresticles - 43k

This youngster had just come from the Portland Cacophony Society's Bitch'n'Stitch, where they had an assortment of undergarments ready to be turned into custom designer goods by the creatively inclined. These go by the moniker of Bresticles, and will surely be the hit of the next Paris show.

Max DjellabaLawrence of the Playa - 32 k

Yours Truly, in the custom djellaba. This made an excellent garment for the daytime, but got a little chilly at night. I'll put up a pattern for it later, after we get the few bugs out. I planned on decorating it, but never took it off long enough when the light was good.

Makeup MadnessRoving makeup artiste - 70 k

Jo at camp, with her signature bottle of Grand Marnier, being painted by this interesting guy whose name I forget. He was a frequent visitor to our camp, and painted some offerings on Our Lady of the Numb Synapses as well. A fine fellow, if a little weird. Not that you'd notice in our neighborhood...

Sluurrrp!Kinda young, kinda WOW! 55kAaaahhhh!Ahhh... 47 k

My concept for a Pepsi ad aimed at the GenX demographic. Much less lame than OK Soda's concept... Ready to pull in the tall dollars for BM '97?

Ranger WayneHand over that chapstick, and no one gets hurt - 57 k

Ranger Wayne (aka The Doctor) at the ranger station. Responsible for much of what I am now, Wayno was an early influence on me, in another life, on another coast.

Tattoo PubeAhoy, Captain! Pirate RV off the stabboard bow! - 27 k

At the public showers. This feller had an interesting tattoo in a place where many of us have hair. Not too obvious on the web-size scans, though.

DrummerDrum circle @ center camp - 51 k

Come, they told me, pa-rum-pum-pum-pum-ommmmmm....

Tufa TomWildlife photographer - 55 k

Tom of the Tufa, at Fly hot springs. More photos waiting in the queue...

Home again, home again...