Places and Things at Burning Man '96

Much of the glory of the event, in my mind, is the contribution of the major and minor camps to the gestalt. The main stage and center camp are wonderful places (particularly in the wee hours when the weirdness is rampant), the Burn is... whatever it is, but wandering the camps is where the pyramid meets the eye.

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Seemen ArmSeemen's special remote destruction device - 33 k

Helco TowersThe finishing touches on Helco Towers - 23 k

Col Jenkins"Would you like that martini extra-crispy?" - 32 k

StarStarI'm at my best after a quad latte...24 k

Seemen SkeletonsThe contract is just a formality, son... 25 k

DisTowersLet the show begin! - 15 k

Doggie DinerHow much is that doggie on the playa? - 20 k

Sharkie's DayAnd it gets 23 mpg going downstream! - 57 k

StupaDayThe wondrous stupa by day...StupaNiteand by night - 46 k

I Do!Goin' to the chapel... - 28 k

Hello, Dalai!Our next door neighbors... - 23 k

Diminish MeOur camp, Diminished Expectations - 45 k

My BikeMy art bike. 2 Meg RAM, CD player - 51 k

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