Final Shelter - The end result

This is what it looks like before I stuff all my gear in there.  I put tables and storage boxes along the sides, carpets down the middle, and chairs and tables under the store-bought canopy.  It's pretty durn cozy, cuts all but the heaviest winds, and keeps most (but not all) of the rain off.

You can see that this one doesn't extend all the way back over my tent.  This was a slacker year for me, and I figured it would save me some time and energy.  I regretted that decision.  Normally, the extra shelter protects the tent from most of the wind and rain, but I figured it would be a gentle year.  Ha!

We had some high winds, and I lost a few grommets on my tent tie-downs, plus some rain got in around the edges.  I'm not gonna do *that* again!

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