AR15 One-Piece Mounts

CAA DVSR One-Piece Mount Review

Universal M1 Carbine Information

Savage 24C Camping Gun Takedown Case

Burning Man Links

PVC On The Playa - How I build my PVC quonset hut shelter

Burning Man 2001 - What a great year!

Raw pointers to ancient photos.

Burning Man 2000 Pics!

Those Annoying Maxwell Boys - ThermoNuclear Family Reunion

Me at Burning Man99 - Click for a bigger picture

The burning of Ikon 3 - Cubifixion.  Many thanks to whoever snapped this for me.  
It was the last shot on the roll, and it came out great!  Let me know if you remember.

Diminished Expectations - Burning Man 1996 - My old web page

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Portrait of the Webmaster as a Young Freak

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